Linear sinchronous motors


 The linear synchronous motor "ORION-1-06 " - the synchronous gate motor with excitation from constant magnets. The basic area of application - metalcutting, assembly and other process equipment.
 Motor "ORION-1-06 " - a development type of some dimention-type line "ORION-1". Look below the reference " download pdf-file"
Foto - link "foto LSM "ORION-1-06"

Performance attributes:

 Travel range of the platform - 400 mm.
Dimensions of the linear axis - 670х280х120 mm.
Error of positioning -1,5 microns
Repeatability of positioning -0,5 microns
Specific force of draft - 12 Н/sm2

 Advantages of application:
Tests have shown, that LSM "ORION-1-06" on the parameters are at a world level, and on the basic performances (specific force of draft, a specific capacity, small Joule heat losses), - in 1,5-2 times is better than a world level.

 Parameters of the motor

Peak force of draft (2-3 s.)-1835 H
The rated force (continuous)
At the water cooling-918 H
At convective cooling - 459 H

 Parameters of rotor

Length (on a housing) - 201 mm
Breadth - 70 mm
Height - 65 mm
Weight of rotor - 4 kg
Peak acceleration (theoretical) - 461 м/с2

 Parameters of the stator

Breadth of magnetic road - 40 mm
Breadth of the stator (on the basis)-122,5 mm
Height of the stator - 54 mm

Electrical parameters (20 grad C)

Resistance of a phase - 1,44 Ohm
Inductance of a phase - 9,6 mH
Heat rate (peak) - 1414 W
Heat rate (water cooling)-354 W
Heat rate (convective cooling ) - 88,5 W
Constant of the motor - 48,8 Н/Вт1/2

foto LSM "ORION-1-06"

download pdf-file

Videoclip LSM "ORION-1-06"


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